img-steponeRemove Grip

Place the club in the vice and starting from the tip of the grip, cut towards the butt end of the club with a knife blade. Remove old grip, old tape, and clean off the shaft.


img-steptwoApply Grip Tape

Apply new double-sided grip tape that is the length of the grip + and extra ½”. Twist the remaining tape and push it into the butt of the shaft.


img-stepthreeApply Solvent

With an index finger over the end cap hole, insert grip solvent into the grip. Close the other opening of the grip with your other index finger and shake to wet entire grip.


img-stepfourInstall Grip

Pour the solvent on to the tape to activate, applying extra, if needed. Slide the opening of the grip over the butt of the shaft and push all the way onto the shaft.


img-stepfiveAlign Grip

Align the grip to make it straight and let dry, minimum 2 hours.