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Ever since the SuperStroke Putter Grips were introduced, the rest of the golf equipment world has been playing catch up by trying other types of “oversized” putter grips. Here are a few reasons why SuperStroke grip technology is #1.

  1. Only SuperStroke offers the size and surface area necessary to ensure relaxed hands, wrists, and forearms, resulting in a more repeatable stroke.
  2. Only SuperStroke uses a patented, parallel design that evenly distributes grip pressure between the right and left hands for a more consistent grip.
  3. By offering 4 different sizes in the traditional SuperStroke line, there is a grip that will fit every players preferences and enhance their current stroke, ultimately making them putt better and shoot lower scores.
  4. Multi-Material Construction – SuperStroke’s Proprietary PU is fused with a patented foam under listing*, making for a long lasting and extremely shock absorbent putter grip. Add in our CrossTraction technology and these grips combine to give you extreme tackiness and feel, keeping your hands from slipping under any conditions.

SuperStroke is covered by US Patents 6,626,768 and 6,988,958.


What makes SuperStroke work?
Oversized grips take away the tendency to squeeze too tightly; at the same time, most unnecessary wrist action is eliminated. In addition, the patented non-tapered grip promotes even grip pressure in both the right and left hands. Together, these characteristics contribute to create a smoother and more consistent putting stroke, a more-square putter face at impact, and a better feel for distance. Electromyographic testing of golfers at the Milwaukee School of Engineering found a 32% reduction in grip tension with the SuperStroke versus a conventional smaller putter grip.

What level of golfer can benefit from SuperStroke?
Any type of golfer, regardless of handicap, male or female, right-handed or left-handed, tall or short, amateur or professional can benefit from the SuperStroke Putter Grip. The SuperStroke Putter Grip is designed to “make any putter better.”

How is SuperStroke installed? 
SuperStroke putter grips feature a new Slip-On Design. A traditional installation process can now be used on SuperStroke grips by using double-sided tape and mineral spirits. Please follow the “How-to” for step-by-step installation instructions.

Does it fit on any putter?
Any conventionally shafted putter can accept a SuperStroke grip.

Are any professionals using SuperStroke?
SuperStroke is established as a company that is helping the best players in the world post better scores and improve their putting. Over 125 professional golfers have used SuperStroke grips on their respected Tours.

*Foam under listing is found on the Mid Slim 2.0, Slim 3.0, Fatso 5.0, and 17″ Slim belly. The Ultra Slim 1.0, 21″ belly, and Split grip all use a rubber under listing.