Which Grip Is Right For You?

  • 1. Average Putts
  • 2. Typical Miss
  • 3. Weakness
  • 4. Putter Type
  • 5. Stroke Type
  • 6. Results

Step 1: Average Putts

Step 2: Typical Miss

  • Left Right

Step 3: Putting Weakness

  • Less than 10 feet
    Between 10 and 20 feet
    Greater than 20 feet

Step 4: Putter Type

  • Blade

Step 5: Stroke Type

  • Strong Arc
    Slight Arc
    Straight-Back Straight-Through
If you are unsure of your stroke type, find a straight line on the ground (ie. the lines in tile or wood) and take your natural stroke with your putter hovering over that line.
  • If you stay on that line during the stroke, you are straight-back,straight-through.
  • If your putter goes slightly under that line on the back stroke and then again on the follow through, you are slight arc.
  • If your putter goes significantly under that line during the stroke, you are a strong arc.

Step 6: Your Results We recommend the following for you.

By answering these questions we can help give you a recommendation.

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